The Present Plan for those Interested

Hello. How are you?
Are you good? Happy?

It’s getting strange now. There’s Books now. Found Books in a CopyShop and a coat on a train.

There’s going to be a shift soon. We can organize ourselves and not need any of that political music shit.
Listen to whose around and who lives, be nice and it can get done.

Imagine if the Banks fell over and we rubbed out the word; take away the weapons and cure the virus inhabited by all over us.
Hehahe… this is gonna be funny.
We’re currently in occupation of BookWorld – and CompostWorld has fallen into BookWorld with a Permaculture GuideBook of East Timor.

So here we are, in the Information Super HighWay! Not called that much any more…Shun, like Pirates…

Anyways: Welcome to Apostasy Incorp.

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