whatever youse are trying to do curently can actually be set up actively and quite efficently in  Bookworld – Cambodia –

See, if you have a friend here, everything’s okay. Just be nice.

Quite simple in relative terms.

There’s even now a guide book of how to do it in East Timor.

A guidebook found at a Copy Shop, like a jacket found on a train one time.

-name tag- My name now Dr. Benway.

I’m here for no reason, but can duplicate copies and laugh Hehahe at Realities constantly.

It’s pretty funny. We can, just go.

“Go? Go where?”



Like staring back at a screen or watching the world go by through our window.

Yesterday, a small little knowing dog scuffed at my feet and startled me after I’d received some information.

Some of the dogs understand their design work, agents do as well, all the kids can they’re the smartest of the Smart Babys round here.


There’s a few Smart Babys round here plannin’ to build Treehouse and other good things.

Go completely moneyless.

Start growing, enter CompostWorld and laugh our ass off the whole fuckin way.

Did you know you can get nitrate out of dirt and create your own electricity so there’s light to read by night. You can get potassium as well.

Dan was told by an eight year old on the internet, Dan told myself, now we know. Now there’s even a book for people you don’t understand.


Yes Hehahe Understand {finger twirls}.


On the roof.

Dr. Benway wonders if someone wore the clothes left on the roof.


-In Australia-

Big fuckin’ ditches, holes some could say, are being dug by Giant Hitatchi’s owned by a bunch of fuckin’ Idiots.

All over the world their knocking down the forest.

‘You’re from the mining company are you?’

‘Yes yes I own and supply, manufacture if you will. Kill all the trees, you know, animals have nowhere to live they probly get killed to. But we’re making lots of money {infathomable number} to pay off governments and fund militaries.’

‘You filthly fuckin’ mercenary, what the fuck do you want?’

‘Well –  monies now irrelevant.’

‘So why dig big fuckin’ holes and be a fuckin’ asshole. Go away, can’t stay here now. Scum {hand shoe away} byebye. Go away.’


Hehahe. Now back to the Vegetables.

All our friends are here. What’s up Vegetables?


funny little houses built outta tyres like ants.

Before arriving to BookWorld, I thought I was just going to report – write the story – but actually its reality here.

The Bus has been rollin’ all over the world since the beginning.


“It” – The Bus – wasn’t always a bus of course. Bus human invention.

Lets Go. Come On’s always known.


Very little happens in back alleys with hookers other than bad sex and bad drugs.

If you jump of the roof we’ll cremate your ashes and tell your parents you were doing heroin with hookers.

Don’t {hand down serious} DON’T jump off the roof.


Our little antlike houses have no roofs so Idiots can’t jump off them.

Little dirt contains mixed with metals such as coins and pickets creates electricty to operate a computer and share information globally.



Shut down the Banks – Rub out the word – Understand Concent – Forget everything you ever thought about Who or What You or Any other are.

No Labels needed. No word symbols. No gender reference.

“isis isn’t here…”

There’s some spectrums of sexuality and distraction.

No need to carry heavy batteries up and down arguments and ways of ‘saying’ what’s said ‘said’, ‘actually said’, ‘actually implied’ implimentation into nothing really known.


Idiots on TV ‘saying’ stupid shit. Literally garbage flows through speakers loudly heard.

If it’s a Death and whaily music I understand, I can go somewhere else, why banal repitive shit? Like honestly, who the fuck likes this stuff.

“Bad for your Brain,” Doctor said somewhere along the lines.
“Imagine for a while if you will, you’ll probably benefit in such ways you don’t yet even comprehend.”

“Really?”                                                                      [note: I don’t know

“Yeah, no lies.”                                                             what any of these

“Didn’t know that.”                                                     people are saying.

“Now you do.”                                                             However vaguely

“Byebye.”                                                                     understand.

“Yeah, merci.”                                                              Hehahe.]


Sorry about that, now where we’re we?

On a roof with some view and a pile of sand, for some reason unknown.

There’s a board to write on for teaching and tables to study.

I like study. At study right now.

On the board:

1: Shoes: {Khmer word I don’t know how to change on computer}

2: Key: {Khmer word I don’t know how to change on computer}

3: Bycicle: {Khmer word I don’t know how to change on computer}

4: Land: {Khmer word I don’t know how to change on computer}

5: Can: {Khmer word I don’t know how to change on computer}

6: Watch: {Khmer word I don’t know how to change on computer}

7: Jeans: {Khmer word I don’t know how to change on computer}


Imagine asking the Police and the Army if them and they’re families wanted some Jeans and Eggplant? It’d be weird.

We can always ask when we see them though. They hang out over there on the corner.

Strange here.

You know what happened in Australia like two hundred fifty years ago, it was like that but it wasn’t collionised patriarchy, vaguely internal here, however still Complete Take Over.

Genocide {no/ hand down/ no like} genocide. Not nice don’t do.


Instead: Appoint yourself a Pope or Minister if you’d like.

Don’t listen to the one’s who are appointed by other ones, they’re Idiots.

Possibly Complete Idiots but I don’t know haven’t met them.


{televisiono face, never actually seen in real like}Tony Abbott: “I am – ”

… hmm… sounds like a dubious statement to me… “Minister of Women and Black People – Local – ”

“Dude, you don’t even menstrate, what the fuck ate you talkin’ about?”

“And you’re definitely not fuckin’ local, you came from England like everybody else who killed all the locals and genocided one of the oldest cultures on the planet.”


“See, in Khmer, there’s a word called Barang – Bar.Rang. – Bargar. It means like Foreigner, and they use it for foreign people “white people” “tourist” “customer” if not local, then barange. Really means like French or something I dunno. I call myself Barang. I like Barang.

Now I know about Barang and the history of Australia, I see myself and every other white ‘australian’ as Barang there too.”


Strange thing about Australia is there’s an Internal War that’s been happening since the Arrival of the Boats. I can trace my family history back to those boats.


Aboriginals Displacement cut out a lots of stories, ideas, ways.


Abandon money, abandon identity, give back to the locals, and don’t {hand down/ serious no/ deadly serious no/} Don’t cut down the trees.

Trees our friends.



You like playing with Bulldozers?

Well, there’s some ugly fuckin City’s and weird buildings with strange people in them. Go knock down and when it runs outta fuel just leave it there…


I’d love to flatten the fuckin’ Gold Coast. It’s ugly and stupid but there is a lot of sky. Woulda been nice before the money came in.


“So, what are you goin’ do now that all the monies irrelevant and you have no personal traits or handy skills and nobody wants you around cause you’re an Assholes, or even worse, A Complete Idiot.”


Is this some form of Manifesto?

Maybe. Possibly. I think we’re sweet.

Reality espionage? {wavy hands/ not really sure but don’t know what rules} don’t think so though.


Maybe though – Broadcast the world – people get scared – “load up on guns and bring your friends” – Hope not.


Who {finger twirls} has any idea here?

I have a few but I don’t think there the same as the others.

“we’re not like them, different down here see. BookWorld.”

“Oh yes {hand thump table} I remember where we are. We we’re talkin’ bout the Bus. So we came up with a theory see,

The Bicycle to Mini Bus Step Logic


which explains [Nitrogen from the soil] that once you get a Bicycle you can then progress to getting a MiniBus. For a while I’ve been thinking about getting some form of van to live in. Now I think {like birds chirp} MiniBus, transport people and things around, Kids to School, Books to Moscow, you dig.”


Last night laughing with Hugo in a bar, some reason left my Bicycle Mad Monkey wise, and with mind blown capacities of my the found Book of Permiculture in East Timor, laughed about Buses, Big Buses, go anywhere you want to. We’re on the continent. We can get some Books and Paint the Bus. Imagine really loud speakers on the roof. Black Sabbath but just recite Moles in Holes instead of Ozzy’s vocals.


Send Ozzy an email, ask to come along.

“Let’s go Bong.”


Ozzy didn’t come along and say hi to the pigs with us, just made that up.



Mechanic in community?

“Anybody here know mechanics?”

“Anybody here know carpentry?”

“Anyone here anymore?”


I dunno, you’ve been tittattittattittattittat-ing away.

Cleaners have walked up a few times. I know cleaners, my friends, their nice. Got Cleaner on my resume.


If you know how to do things, do them. And then you can learn more things, have skills that benefit yourself and community.


Don’t rape.

“ever touch me again and I’ll kill you…”


Saray, female, girl, women, lady, vagina armed with knives stroll with gangs with signs and poles. Kick the fuck out of gang rapists world wide.

We’ll start extreme to show we’re serious, start castrating people, “do you think they still wanna get on the bus?” {not as a target in India} [disguise dresses dress], film and put on the Internet.

“Listen everybody, this is how we do it now. Be nice. All that Fundalmentalism – Disguised Horror – thirty thousand years in the making 30, 000 – no more Virus Stance of “I am…” “You are…” “I believe…”

Rub out the Words and Communicate the Verbs.

“or you can call yourself whatever you want to, but doesn’t mean its true or false or meaningless or whatever mess of splutter that comes out of your mouth. More depends on who you know, where you are, how you act.

How you look and what you say don’t really matter.

What you do counts.

Oh! You have pieces of papers. What do they say?

Lawyer, Doctor, Politian, Writer… Very good.

Good at what you do?

Yeah, I had an accountant one time: Complete fuckin’ Idiot.

High Class Business Lawyer, practise for twenty years ay?

Happy with life? – miserably depressed high class liquer for salary and nothing to do with the money… hookers and cocaine, I suppose…”


People at University’s… “oh yes, we have our paper. Still have no idea.”…

Get a job and get good.


Job? Don’t really wanna do a job…

Why not?

Don’t like to work…

Cool, got anything interesting to say?


Think I’m a work right now. Not really sure. Never Really sure when I’m meant to work but things keep happening, everything seems alright – don’t really know. Maybe I should brush my teeth.


Rose pedals blow down the street.

a forgotten thought.

new things happen, according to the news, “what that?”


“Acid Attack?”

boyfriend girlfriend fight, photos of others hosing down girlfriend,

“get the mouthy bastard?”


“find him, lock the fucker up.”


Don’t Throw Acid on People

esspecially Don’t Throw Acid on Your Girlfriend

and esspecially Don’t Throw Acid on Your Grandma.

Spose it’s alright if they’re trying to throw acid on you and you’re trying to defend yourself with acid, but I don’t see situation occuring with My Grandma anyway…


I wanna shave my face. Maybe you should.

“You like hanging out in back alleys with LadyBoys?”

No, the LadyBoys like hanging out with me in back alleys, its weird. They think I’m them – they think I’m LadyBoy even though clearly I identify as:

– Pope of Discordia, – Certified Minister of Dudeism, – Principle Omegadeckian with Omegadeckian Principles as Everything Fits Together, Somehow,  -Smart Baby who doesn’t know what’s going on but understand where we are.

I also identify as:

Crazy Barang (Barang Ch.coo.it)

while taking on the names which have now become proper nouns and verbs: Steve, Dan, My Friend, Dr. Benway, Amabel, Jackson,

while also feeling:

Scarecrow, Alien Host, Wearing My Boyfriends Shirt, Genius, Genius, Genius, Lovely, {thumbs up} ‘good work.’


Reality Shifts in Present States and Statements. how many layers are understood by whose around.


Others similar in appearane, the weird Barangs around, can’t seem to pick where I’m from.

Speak with a strange cadence, you see.


which also makes it weird because that means we’re doing a lot of Baby Stepping. Quite easy with patience and interest, otherwise it’s Idiots yelling at you about shit they don’t know.


Earlier, riding bikes to see my friends, someone arrived at a tattoo shop.



“how are you?”

“good… busy today.”

Some form of ‘Management’ {just a weird barang in a foreign country} appeared to seemingly discover the point of appearance.

Sitting in a chair looking at books of tattoo and dream interuptations.

“well, are you gonna get a tattoo? we’re busy today, I don’t know why you’re hanging round.”

The word Egg written in the dream book. interuptation maybe?

“I’m just reading a book, I can leave if you’d like.”

“Yeah, busy, got a job to do.”

Close books, in reality, there’s no customers and I can’t see anybody doing much. Ride Bikes Away, won’t be going back… bit of an Asshole.

Bah {hand shoe away}