Clowns By Dams. an australian outback story.

In the dark of the night down by the billabong
And the subconscious drift of The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown)
Stands a Clown, unknowing of where it’s going.
Or where it came from.
Or what it is…
The waters moving and the trees are shaking
And a sounds been making the atmosphere feel queer.
Red eyes bulge through black cotton high.

With a slash through the air, a Dropbear’NNNNoooOOOOookkkk’

hits the ground like fallen steel, it’s heels dig the dirt.There’s a distance stare and the Dropbear advances threateningly.
The Clown laughs hectically standing ground saving face, close proximity no disgrace as the blade from it’s pocket penetrates the base of the Dropbear’s spine.

‘Divine!’As rainbow rivers flow from the wound.

In the dark of night down by the billabong in an unknown australian outbackThere’s a deck of predators that range from Ace to King to QUEEN.
Most lurk unseen, disguised in the shadows
Stalking it’s prey, the next meal it follows.
After the Dropbear, The Clown is still there
Under the tree, waiting to see what comes next.
The waters so still that The Clown doesn’t feel the imminent threat, of this creatures bet that this coloured freak will be its Fresh Meat.
From below the surface out jumps a Bunyip, a horrendous abomination bent on damnation, working for Satan.
A metallic sensation pumps The Clown’s blood flow, he was caught off guard! and now it’s in a hard place, next to a rock.

The Bunyip charges flailing it’s limbs and it skims The Clown’s paint with a swipe of the claws.Through the Doors of Perception, The Clowns than best guess in the situation is to play dead.

*it’s a well known fact that Bunyips only eat living flesh to to devour the soul*

With The Clown now presumed dead, the Bunyip then said”Well fuck this I’m going home. Who wants to eat this weak fleshy meat if the eyes are already black.”

The Bunyip now gone, The Clown all now lone, in the distance his vision spots shroud.A bag, go figure, in the same position as The Clown’s is laying on the ground.
It floats on the water and the current draws it nearer until they’re almost mouth to mouth.
The Clown reaches out a hand to loosen the band which tightens the bag together.

Black plastic is shifted, eyes through dead focus,but not of The Clown, that of a Kangeroo.
Drowned in the willow, it’s vibe now crab hollow.

The Clown fills with sorrow, for the victim of that awful Bunyip.

In the dawning light down by the billabongMagpies begin to caw,

The smell of bloat fleshThe sight of bright colours
and the Suns scalp over the horizon.

The Magpies are hungry and ‘blige me’ do they have a treat.The trick may have worked on Bunyips of sorts, but not on these Magpies cause they’re vicious fucks and will eat whatever they can.

They all start a-peckin’and The Clown is a-screamin’

and the story comes to an End.

Don’t fuck with Nature                                  especially in australia.

[8 of the 10 world’s deadliest snakes, spiders from funnel webs to redbacks, blue ring octopus, irukandji and australian box jellyfish, bees, sharks, ticks, ants, crocodiles, centipedes, birds, shellfish, the marble cone snail, even platypus are venomous]

Don’t fuck with Nature                                  especially in australia.